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Art Acts 4 Women 2023 raised donations for SHE-Society for Help & Empowerment


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To celebrate International Women’s Day, artist Maria Fragoudaki and ART HUB Athens | Cultural Humanitarian Organization, invited other artists and people from all walks of life, with a shared love for art and giving back to society, to participate in an interactive charity art project to help raise donationsfor SHE-Society for Help & Empowerment.

Everyone participating in this project received a postcard-sized card, on which they created their own artwork. Through this project, artist Maria Fragoudaki opened a creative dialogue between people who had never met each other and came together to support women in need.

The response was overwhelming and all cards were exhibited March 28-31 2023 on an online show at Each card was given for a 50€ donation.
Art Acts 4 Women 2023 raised 3400€. The amount was donated to SHE- Society for Help & Empowerment, an organization that aims to support, raise awareness and promote the rights of women and members of the LGBTQ+ community in Greece, as well as empower them, through providing education and support in all aspects of their life.

Cards given with the donations in AA4W 2023

A few words about Maria Fragoudaki

Maria Fragoudaki lives and works between Athens and New York. In her work she engages a variety of visual languages such as painting, sculpture, art installations and performance, to create narratives that are brought to life using materials that include fabric, gypsum and paint.

A few words about ART HUB Athens- Cultural Humanitarian Organization

ART HUB Athens is a Cultural- Humanitarian Organization, in which artists from all over the world meet and collaborate with the aim of awakening society and public action. Knowing that Art has the power to change the world, it supports charitable organizations in Greece, assisting them to achieve their goals and expand their actions.